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Stellenbosch Business School receives sponsorship for research excellence

Prof Marius Ungerer, Emeritus Professor at Stellenbosch Business School, has announced a significant sponsorship initiative aimed at rewarding outstanding research performance. Prof Ungerer will be providing R5 000 per year for the next three years to one top-performing student from each of the following programmes: MPhil in Future Studies, MPhil in Leadership Coaching, MPhil in Development Finance, and the MBA programme. This initiative is set to recognise and encourage high-quality research outputs within these streams.

In a recent interview, Prof Ungerer elaborated on the motivations behind this sponsorship. He emphasised Stellenbosch University’s aspiration to be a leading research institution, not just in South Africa, but on a global scale. "Stellenbosch University aims to be a top-class research university, and raising the bar on the quality of our research outputs is crucial for our strategic positioning," he stated. This initiative aligns with the university's commitment to producing world-class research while maintaining excellence in teaching.

Prof Ungerer envisions several long-term outcomes from this sponsorship. He hopes to see an increase in "talent density" within research on management-related topics, enhancing the research capacity of the business school. Furthermore, this initiative aims to create a pipeline for students who may pursue PhD studies, thus nurturing the next generation of academic leaders.

Discussing the broader significance of research, Prof Ungerer highlighted three critical reasons:

  1. Adaptation to change: As the business world evolves, research must reflect and anticipate new patterns, demands and challenges.
  2. Conceptual progress: Research helps to reframe current dilemmas and create new conceptual frameworks, facilitating operational advancements.
  3. Transparency and verification: In an era of misinformation, robust research methodologies ensure the creation of verifiable data, crucial for informed decision-making in business and society.

Prof Ungerer encourages other alumni to contribute to similar sponsorships and support the business school's initiatives. He also urged businesses to engage with the school on contract research, turning organisational challenges into research opportunities that benefit both academia and industry.

This sponsorship not only underscores his commitment to research excellence but also sets a precedent for collaborative efforts in advancing the academic and practical contributions of Stellenbosch Business School.


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