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The Centre for Responsible Leadership Studies (Africa) (CRLS) at the Stellenbosch Business School was established early in 2019 and aims to promote knowledge of responsible leadership to enhance leadership for sustainable organisational and institutional effectiveness, especially in Africa.

The Centre is a research and services institution of Stellenbosch University, residing in the University of Stellenbosch Business School, in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.

The qualifying term “responsible” attached to “leadership” describes a generic quality of all leadership forms and styles and does not refer to a specific kind of leadership, but is inclusive of all leadership styles and approaches. It refers to the leadership and management of oneself, others, organisations and institutions, and their interactions with one another and with society. This is done in a way that aims to respond to all stakeholder’s concerns, and doing so in a morally accountable manner. Responsible leadership (hereinafter referred to as Leadership) endeavours to sustainably enhance processes and outcomes on multiple bottom lines, including personal, social, economic and environmental.

The Centre is distinctively rooted in Africa, with a focus and service offering that has practical relevance and stature in both the African and the Global contexts.


It is the mission of the Centre to promote knowledge of responsible leadership in order to enhance leadership for sustainable organisational and institutional effectiveness, especially in Africa. The core activities of the Centre is responsible leadership research and development.

In order to fulfil this mission, the Centre strives to achieve the following objectives:

Objectives and focus area

  • The generation of knowledge product development in the field of responsible leadership. Conducting and/or coordinating applied research in the broad field of responsible leadership. Produce evidence-based products and services that combine/unify leadership science with the art and practice of leadership.
  • The development and delivery of need-specific leadership offerings.
  • The development of responsible leaders and responsible leadership. The development of responsible leaders on all walks and levels of organisations and institutions (identification, training and development). Strengthening the effectiveness of leadership in these organisations (preparation for change, if necessary).
  • The expansion of networks and the dissemination of knowledge about responsible leadership.
    The presentation of regular leadership fora.
    The dissemination of knowledge and information to stakeholders.
    Liaison and cooperation with other Departments in the Faculty and SU.
    Liaising with centres in the international CRLS network and other prominent leadership centres.

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