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Entrepreneurship refers to the process of developing new business ventures or growing existing ones. Central to this activity is entrepreneurs: innovative and risk-taking individuals who seek to bring about change and new opportunities, both for themselves and the business communities in which they operate.

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Small Business Academy

The purpose of the Small Business Academy is to make a difference to the lives and businesses of small-business owners in low-income communities.

We work with corporate and public sector sponsors and other stakeholders to deliver the SBA Development Programme to small-business owners, and to support and guide them for nine months.

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Faculty Research

Terblanche N, Jock R, Ungerer M

Executive coaching as an entrepreneurial venture: Setting the agenda for entrepreneuring across (Southern) Africa

Ungerer M

Afro-global management innovation practices: Re-imagining work and workplaces

Zwane HC, Radebe TN, Mlambo VH

Is youth entrepreneurship key to addressing youth unemployment? Interrogating South Africa’s youth unemployment dilemma

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