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The School undertakes theoretical and empirical research, as well as policy-oriented investigations responding to current challenges in financial development and economic policy. Stellenbosch Business School also works on projects and consultancy services commissioned by clients in the private and public sectors; provides non-degree programs in development finance areas for public and private financial institutions as part of capacity building in Africa; and, liaises with international financial institutions, development banks, microfinance institutions and consulting companies operating in the development finance milieu.

Research Centres


African Centre for Development Finance

The African Centre for Development Finance (also known as the ACDF or The Centre) is a research,
educational and service institution of the University of Stellenbosch, under Stellenbosch Business School. The Centre is aligned with Stellenbosch Business School’s Development Finance Programme, which is dedicated to developing Africa where it matters and helping the continent achieve sustainability.


Faculty Research

Mbo M, Adjasi CKD

Sovereign wealth management

Kuttu S, Fanta A, Graham M, Abor J

Infrastructure financing and economic development

Amoah L, Adjasi CKD, Soumare I, Osei KA, Abor J, Anarfo EB, Amo-Yartey C, Otchere I

Finance, economic growth, and development

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