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2022 Responsible Leadership Re-Imagined Conference

The successful organization and hosting of the Responsible Leadership Re-Imagined Conference in March 2022 was the highlight of the CRLS’s activities and impact. The Global Responsible Leadership Institute (GRLI), the Alan Gray Centre for Values-based Leadership at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute at the University of Pretoria, and Emerald Publishing were incorporated as collaborators and partners for the Conference.

One of the most prolific authors in the field of responsible leadership, Prof Nicola Pless (University of South Australia) presented a keynote paper and participated in the conference – both on the organizing committee and as a participant.

The conference was guided by an overarching ideal to activate the regenerative capacity of responsible leadership in individuals, organizations, and systems. More specifically it focused on the African continent and explored questions such as the following:

  • What are the particular stakeholder expectations of a responsible leader in the African countries?
  • What are the scope of a leader’s responsibility and accountability, and how is this influenced by the cultural context?
  • What are the challenges that leaders in business and society are facing?
  • And what are the challenges of behaving ethically and responsibly?

The conference was attended by 35 delegates, many of which were international. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainties, this conference was held virtually. Unfortunately, this had an adverse effect on conference participation. Nevertheless, the conference was overwhelmingly positively experienced and a follow-up conference every two years was requested and agreed upon. We are currently in the process to publish some of the most impactful papers, keynotes, and other contributions to the Responsible Management Gateway of the Emerald Open Research facility.

2022 Responsible Leadership Re-Imagined Conference


Conference Papers

De Klerk, J.J. & Swart, H. B. (2022). Responsible leadership dilemmas in emerging economies – it is complex. Paper presented at the Responsible Leadership Conference – Responsible Leadership Reimagined. Stellenbosch, South Africa.

De Klerk, J.J. (2020). Integrating Africa into the global research and management education endeavour. Paper presented as part of the Symposium on Building Meaningful International Research Collaborations. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada.


Editorials and Press

Smith, M., De Klerk, M., Bam, A. (2022). A responsible leadership blind spot – where are the emerging economies? Global Focus – EFMD Global, 16 (2),

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De Klerk, M. (2022). Working with meaning. Cape Talk Radio. 1 May.

De Klerk, M. (2021). December 16: The Day of Reconciliation is a call for each individual to heal emotional wounds. Mail&Guardian, 16 December.

De Klerk. M. (2021). Are anti-vaxxer’s rights being trampled? Mail&Guardian, 23 September

De Klerk, M. (2021). We risk thinking heritage is only about the past and not the future. Business Day, 24 September.

De Klerk, M. (2021). Preserving our heritage – heritage is a verb. eNCA Television, 24 September.

De Klerk, M. (2019). Tolerance: A good start but not sufficient. Mail&Guardian, 18 November.



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