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Mentorship Programmes

You can help to build the next generation of business leaders and pioneers by registering to become a mentor.

There are two mentorship programmes you can get involved in:

Alumni Mentors

Connect with a global network of alumni, give back and expand with our new online Alumni platform, Register as a mentor to graduating students while leveraging your professional network. Register today:


Finding a mentor is a personal journey and you may not find the right match the first time. Fortunately, Stellenbosch Business School has a broad database of alumni mentors with varying levels and types of experience. This way, students can connect with various available mentors in order to find the perfect match. Our matching process involves a review of certain criteria to find a suitable match based on different requirements from the mentee and listed criteria of the mentor.

Students can submit a request for a Career or Industry mentor via the Career Leadership portal.

Small Business Academy

Mentor small business owners from low-income communities who are registered for the nine-month SBA Development Programme at Stellenbosch Business School’s Small Business Academy.

To find out how you can be involved in helping our SBA students flourish,  contact the Alumni Office directly at [email protected]


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Mentorship Programmes

How to assist financially

Alumni Projects

To support an Alumni project financially, you can make a once-off payment or set up a debit order. Please contact the Alumni Association for more details: [email protected].

To contribute to future and current Alumni projects, please make your contribution here:

Small Business Academy

Stellenbosch Business School's Small Business Academy offers a nine-month development programme that relies on community funding to help small business owners based in low-income communities obtain business skills.

You can support this programme in various ways. To offer financial support for the Small Business Academy, you can become a corporate sponsor. To offer financial assistance to the participants, you can make a once-off payment or set up a debit order. Please contact the head of the Small Business Academy, Dr Armand Bam at [email protected] or on +27 (0)21 918 4252.

How to assist financially

Impact Stories

Stellenbosch Business School students and alumni contain a wealth of testimonials, industry and societal impact stories. Please assist us to keep informed of your news, achievements and success stories as well news of fellow alumni by sending these to [email protected].

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