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Career Opportunities with a MPhil in Leadership Coaching
If you’re looking to give your career a boost

If you’re looking to give your career a boost, consider enrolling in the MPhil in Leadership Coaching programme at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. While at first glance it might seem that the course is only relevant to those looking to become dedicated leadership coaches, the skills and insights gained over the course of the two years are applicable in a wide variety of professional contexts. The degree is also a great way to branch into new and exciting vocational areas, as graduates are presented with a host of management coaching careers to choose from.

At its core, leadership coaching is about getting the most from the people around you. As such, the skills and experience gained from the course are applicable to any working environment that requires leadership, management and growing human capital. Understanding how to motivate and inspire the people around will often make all the difference when trying to make a positive impact your professional world.

Career Opportunities with a MPhil in Leadership Coaching

Let’s turn to a real-life example of how a MPhil in Leadership Coaching can affect your career prospects and outlook. Eric Spencer completed his MPhil in Leadership Coaching in 2016. He is currently the Learning and Organisational Development Executive at PathCare Group of Laboratories in Cape Town, and has had ample experience putting his newly developed skills to use in the field.

Career Opportunities with a MPhil in Leadership Coaching

We asked Eric about his experience with the programme and how it has affected his life since. Here are some of his answers:

Overall, how would you rate your experience in the MPhil in Leadership Coaching at USB?

Certainly a rating of excellent from me. I especially found value in the overall design of the programme: A superb balance of input sessions with experts; learning with and from peers in joint sessions; practical sessions individually; and education and support towards the research assignment. The balanced approach to learning reinforces the need for a balanced approach to management (and life) too.

Do you feel the programme limits its graduates to a career in coaching?

No. In fact, I am of the view that the programme should focus less on the concept of coaching as a profession, and rather more on coaching as a tool/technique for good management. It is the essence of people management. I applied as one wishing to enhance my management and leadership capabilities, not as one aiming to be a professional coach per se. It served that purpose admirably. The career opportunities best suited to the programme: simply any career that requires managing people.

How has the degree impacted your professional life since its completion? 

I believe that it has helped me to become a better manager, better leader, and better person. On a more pragmatic level, it contributed, in part, to my being entrusted with additional responsibilities in my organisation at a higher level, and it has equipped me to contribute more to the business than before.

What advice do you have for any professionals considering the programme? 

The programme is an excellent “mid-life or mid-career” programme. I am sure that some of the younger candidates might also have gained a lot, but I am of the view that it is best suited for more experienced professionals who want to grow beyond their professional comfort zones, to better lead others and to discover greater purpose in their careers.

Leadership coaching skills add value to people-oriented profession

A MPhil in Leadership Coaching degree from USB will enable you to not only coach managers and leaders towards reaching their full potential, but to lead and manage yourself more effectively. The programme adheres to international best practice while also emphasising the importance of management coaching in a uniquely African context. Enrol in the programme today to boost your people management skills and make a lasting positive impact on those around you.

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