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go places with an MBA
You’ve come far on your journey.

You’ve come far on your journey. Now, you need to make it all the way to the top. It’s time to pursue the world’s most widely-recognised and desired business degree – the MBA.

Take your career to the top

The University of Stellenbosch Business School’s triple accredited MBA can prove a key stepping stone if you are looking to establish yourself in a senior management position. With an MBA you will be empowered to make expert decisions, and you will learn the art of being a responsible leader. No matter where opportunities take you, you’ll be able to apply USB’s MBA in any industry, anywhere in the world.

The experience of a lifetime

While the end result will reward you in a multitude of ways, doing the full-time MBA at USB is a life-changing experience. At USB, you’re more than a number or a filled seat. Our MBA is strongly committed to your development as a leader with a strong focus on personal and relationship leadership. The learning experience includes the International Study Module, where you will travel to an overseas business school to immerse yourself in a foreign business environment.

What USB students say

We got in touch with alumnus Melissa Diseko and current student Poonam Harry-Nana to gain more insight into the MBA experience at USB.



go places with an MBA

What was the highlight of your MBA journey?

The International Study Module (ISM) was an amazing experience. After having studied the basic theories, principles and business models throughout the MBA year, then travelling to Paris and Milan to engage in lectures and company visits on a global scale, was valuable and insightful.

What was the impact of this on your career?

The Leadership Development Module was a great opportunity to reflect and introspect on my own life journey, where I am today. The module has led me to the point of deciding what kind of leader I want to be in the future.

What would you tell new or prospective MBA students?

Do not get overwhelmed by a particular subject that you may find difficult or challenging. Make use of the facilities and support that the USB campus has to offer – like Career Services and the Consulting Club. Use the year as an opportunity to figure out where you would like to see your career and journey in the future. Good luck!





Why USB?

The fact that USB has a family culture is something that really resonated with me deeply. USB made me realise that the tools they are going to equip me with will help me with my future vision.

​What made you choose to do an MBA?

I had a dream to do an MBA. I know it is THE business degree that defines a person and allows you to reach a new level in your career.

​How would you like the MBA to help you in your career?

I’m at a point in my life and my career where I want to take my mind-set to a different level. I know that the tools the MBA offers will help me in my personal and professional life. 


Uniquely USB

USB’s MBA is known for, among others, its three international accreditations, its leadership development journey which spans the entire MBA, business knowledge from an international perspective together with African contextualisation, and its focus on the art and science of decision making.

Every one of our students has realised that there is so much more on offer than the end result alone. From the collaborative learning and friendships to the range of support services and the family culture of our people, doing an MBA at USB is a truly bespoke journey.

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