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5 Reasons Blended Learning Should Be Your New Normal
With innovations in teaching and learning, not even curveballs like the COVID-19 pandemic can slow down your career for long.

With innovations in teaching and learning, not even curveballs like the COVID-19 pandemic can slow down your career for long. Blended learning, which combines the best of traditional lectures with e-learning methods, is fast becoming the new normal. Here are 5 reasons you should take notice: 

Its flexibility makes it resilient
According to the World Economic Forum, adaptability is a key competency in a rapidly changing world. And no year has made this more obvious than 2020! At the heart of this resilience, lies a commitment to continuous skills development, which equips you to meet these challenges head-on. 

While some events do require a necessary pause, the blended learning model is a flexible way to #KeepLearning remotely with a robust and rewarding curriculum. You can, for instance, attend online classes from anywhere in the world and plan well in advance for any on-campus events or modules. This flexibility means your education is less likely to be disrupted by travel, or unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Opportunity costs savings, without compromising on quality
Attending class online significantly reduces your travel costs and commuting time. The savings that come with studying a significant part of the curriculum remotely also doesn’t compromise the quality of your education. Online tools such as Zoom, and even custom-built platforms, make sure you have ready access to information and remain able to connect with your mentors and classmates just as well, without the inconvenience of regular commutes to campus. 

Learn while you earn
Completing a course through blended learning means you’ll only have to take minimal time off work. If you can’t afford to study full-time, or you don’t want to put your career on hold, blended learning offers the best of both worlds — access to campus resources, and the freedom to connect from anywhere. Read more on how blended learning allows you to pursue your education while you continue to build your career in this blog post. 

Add value in the workplace immediately
Because you’re not putting your career on ice while you study, you can apply your learnings in the workplace immediately. Industry and corporate life are speeding up. Your ability to apply your new, relevant skills will boost your career profile from the first day you sign up for your new curriculum. 

There’s no compromise on immersion
Blended learning delivery has evolved to the point where attending a class via your device no longer compromises on the quality of your experience. Blended programmes, such as those delivered by the University of Stellenbosch Business School, are delivered synchronously and in real time — simultaneously online and in-person. You’ll also have the support of a vibrant learning community, communicating via voice, messages, chats and smaller online forums outside of larger classes.

Access to world class instruction
One of the biggest advantages of blended learning is that your classes can easily be facilitated by faculty members and experts from around the world. Broadening your horizons has never been easier. 

Embrace this new normal, and boost your career, with the backing of an internationally accredited postgraduate programme at USB. We’ve been investing in the future with blended learning programmes since 2015. Get more information about our development finance coursesbusiness management studies or financial planning courses – all available in our blended learning format. 

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