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The benefits of blended learning for working professionals wanting to study further
Technology has transformed the way we communicate, learn, work and live in a modern world.

Technology has transformed the way we communicate, learn, work and live in a modern world. While it has undoubtedly challenged many individuals, the integration has opened the door to new opportunities – especially for professionals interested in futures studies.

Many organisations have been reluctant to welcome digital transformation; however, some infrastructure development and uncontrollable elements have also prolonged this change. But, considering recent circumstances, it is clear that institutions need to be flexible in offering a sustainable learning experience, virtually, or risk the chance of falling behind.

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) amplified the need for individuals to #KeepLearning, despite external challenges, and to adopt a resilient mindset. Not only has a blended approach to education seen impressive performance results, but the convenience for learners is most appealing in an always-on world. As of now, it might not be realistic to consider this the only solution for South Africa, but the demand for educational technology (EdTech) has certainly increased across the country, and it’s an exciting prospect for Stellenbosch Business School.

What is blended learning at Stellenbosch Business School?

This method of learning is a contrast between on-and-offline classes; marrying the digital and in-class experience. Depending on your preferences, you can attend class on campus, or remotely via an internet-linked device (online classes are delivered synchronously with on-campus classes). Learners now have access to a model that plays to their strengths.

“You watch tutorials online to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. You order meals via an app for lunch to enjoy with your family at home. Your life is already a mix of online and real-world interactions and experiences – so why can’t your learning be?”

Success at your fingertips

Today, it’s a struggle to commit to an in-class learning programme. If you’re not juggling a full-time job, your to-do list extends to personal responsibilities that take precedence over another feather in your academic cap. But with blended learning; it’s a flexible solution.

Working professionals can expand their academic careers with the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Our team has spent years perfecting our methodologies to give prospects the best possible education, and we can confidently say that we’re able to provide a personalised, interactive and safe learning experience from anywhere in the world.

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The benefits of blended learning for adults

The blended learning approach is carefully designed to help you overcome any hurdles in your academic career. We support your need to #KeepLearning regardless of your hiccups.

●      Flexibility in learning

Your growth is our success. We’ve made it possible to have a balance of remote learning and in-class lectures, depending on your needs and course requirements. However, the power is in your hands, and you’re able to make the convenient decision in real-time. For instance, if you’re looking to apply for an MBA in South Africa, business management studies or project management courses, the Blended Learning format requires minimum leave from work, and still have the face-to-face support you need when approaching complex topics or assignments.

●      A balanced study, work and personal life

At Stellenbosch Business School, we support the need for a balanced life. We understand that people’s lives have become increasingly busy, which is a key benefit of our blended learning model. Without the hassle of rushing to classes on campus (or skipping them due to last-minute deadlines), you can log in from the comfort of your own home. According to this article, blended or hybrid learning can improve performance and help students organically reach their full potential. Today, learners consume information differently. There is no one-size-fits-all, and we support that.

●      Take ownership of your studies

As an adult student, you’re used to the autonomy you have in the workplace. Therefore, reverting to a traditional approach to studying can feel restricting. Fortunately, the blended learning model empowers students to work harder, as they would in their careers.

This will give you the opportunity to study at a steady pace and succeed your way. For all your study needs, Stellenbosch Business School’s lecturers are there to assist you. Our teams are trained to adapt to your learning style, and, therefore, you can always count on them online or in-class.

●      Skills development for the new norm

The more educational processes and business operations transform into an online-only environment; it’s crucial to keep up. And by that, we mean revisiting your soft skills and adapting. Skills that once fell by the wayside have become integral for online success – for example, self-motivation, computer literacy, resilience, virtual communication and more.

By experiencing both online and offline learning, you can improve your balance in skills.

Become future-fit with Stellenbosch Business School

As you can see, the benefits of blended learning for adults are many. With digital technology, tools and resources at your disposal, there is no excuse anymore. Stop putting off the next phase of your academic career and apply online today! If you have any questions or are ready to take the next step, visit our website and find the perfect programme for you – from development finance courses to financial planning courses. Each course offers a blended option, so get in touch and let’s work together to achieve success.

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