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Why you should consider doing a PGDip BMA
As you progress in your business career, you naturally start to set your ambitions higher.

As you progress in your business career, you naturally start to set your ambitions higher. You aim for bigger goals, greener pastures and of course, higher academic qualifications. But going all-in for a degree such as an MBA may not necessarily mean greater opportunity for you – not right now, at least. Here are 5 reasons you may be in a prime position to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration.

Embarking on an MBA or any accredited master’s programme is a massive commitment, and takes some serious time dedication and sacrifice. If you are on the fence about giving most of your time to a business management degree, but still want to make great headway in your studies, the relatively less intensive PGDip BMA could be a great option to keep you on course for success as you continue in your career.

Although you will study similar material to a master’s, you will not be expected to complete a research project or postgraduate dissertation; instead, you will be assessed throughout the course.
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Academic institutions, and especially business schools, put great emphasis on the MBA because of the degree’s long-standing reputation. Each institution’s MBA experience needs to be an all-inclusive package for students looking to obtain the world’s most desired business degree. Therefore, the cost to do an MBA is often far greater than it is to do the PGDip BMA. It may thus be more cost-effective for you to study an internationally accredited qualification such as the PGDip BMA that doesn’t require the major financial sacrifices of a master’s degree.

Even if you’ve been in the same job for years, you may want to explore greater prospects within your industry, or perhaps in a completely different sphere. The PGDip BMA will not only provide you with a more manageable degree to obtain while you are still in your current job, but will also give you an easier transition into a different field if you wish to change your career path or kickstart your enterprise.

One of the most powerful attributes of the PGDip BMA is that it can connect you to a world of opportunity. This could be in the form of access to a master’s degree or preparation to take on more responsibility in your career. Another great benefit that comes with the PGDip is the connections you make with like-minded classmates and establishing networks with industry leaders and thinkers.

In a saturated market with a plethora of online degrees, short business management courses and new academic offers every year, you need to be sure that the degree you study makes you stand out. While you may find an 8-week course that gives you the know-how you need to start your business or be more efficient at work, there’s no quick-solve alternative to a world-class degree such as a PGDip BMA programme.

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) offers an internationally accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration that is particularly suited to help you unlock the skills you need to set up and run your own business or practice. It covers essential management skills, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as digital literacy. As with all USB programmes from 2021, the PGDip BMA is offered via USB’s immersive and flexible Blended Learning format. If you are someone who is interested in pursuing the PGDip BMA, apply now or feel free to contact USB for more information on the programme.

We also have a range of online postgraduate diplomas, including a postgraduate diploma in Nigeria or a postgraduate diploma in Kenya, offered through the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Other options include:

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