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It can happen to anyone; when people work hard and get promoted, they face the circumstances of going from managing a functional team to leading in a system, not fully realising what they have set themselves up for. It is easy to recognise that although you have learnt a lot and succeeded greatly, you might not be fully equipped to perform at your full potential in this new role yet.

Dilemmas such as the level of complexity in problem-solving, the nature of relationships forged in a broad network, and the self-insights and emotional maturity to lead with influence instead of through power are some of the many you will face early in your journey as a leader. At The Stellenbosch Business School, we recognise the importance of leadership development and the process of becoming an authentic leader.


Yes, you can grow into leadership

Leadership skills cannot be learned overnight or by reading a few articles on “successful leadership styles”. Leadership is about developing the attributes of a leader. Being globally recognised and accredited, The Stellenbosch Business School aims to grow responsible leaders by taking a flexible approach, and having the capacity to facilitate learning suited to the VUCA world. With the purpose of developing innovative and forward-thinking leaders, the postgraduate diploma in Leadership Development is a NQF level 8 (Honours Degree) qualification set to grow individuals to learn to lead at four levels.


The four levels

The four levels are grounded in the framework of responsible leadership, with each level addressing one of the essential aspects of being an authentic leader. Examples of what can be expected in the four levels are; facilitating development toward personal mastery and authentic leadership (Me), high-impact teaming and relationships (We), high-performance organisations (Work), and the role and impact of the business in society (World).

Everything that a leader aims to accomplish is on the basis of achieving outcomes through people, making the strategy come alive through people, connecting towards a bigger picture and enhancing the performance of people, teams, and organisations. The common denominator is always people! This is why it is required for a leader to have an in-depth understanding of people's excellence, its context in the modern world, and the leadership aspects that promote people excellence.


Leadership can be applied on every level

People and organisations are complex systems where the behaviours are dynamic, unpredictable, multi-layered, multifaceted and ever-changing and before a leader can even approach that, they should ask themselves: “If I can’t lead myself, how can I lead people in ever-widening circles ranging from teams and divisions to companies, corporates and communities?”

The answer lies in diving deep and discovering what it is that you, as an individual, can bring to the table in terms of leadership. This is not something that can be taught or developed through learning theory or leadership styles but through facilitating a process-oriented journey of self-discovery and learning, which is what the Stellenbosch Business School aims to do. Our mission is to propel you towards mastery in leadership and help you uncover and develop your authentic leadership voice.


Finding your voice

As mentioned, leadership cannot be developed through theory and reading articles. You need to have a proper understanding of where your knowledge, values, and ethos come from and have the courage to grow and integrate what you have learned into your voice. The Stellenbosch Business School helps you find your voice and provides you with a circle of knowledgeable people to help guide you through your leadership journey.

It is not an easy journey, but one which will bring about a depth of knowledge that no one will be able to take away from you. Only once you have reached the peak of your journey will you be able to make the shift that is needed for you to show up as an authentic and responsible leader. Leadership development is an investment you can make in your career path, whether it be for your future self, as a team, corporate, or societal leader. It’s a step onto a path you might not have noticed before.


Final remarks

Begin your studies while you work and take your leadership skills to a new level. This is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals and future leaders to strengthen their leadership abilities. We offer the following leadership development postgraduate diplomas:

These programs, along with others, are a part of our blended learning format. Blended learning combines online classes with on-campus classes.

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