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This is where you will find opinion pieces, commisioned articles and summaries of key pieces of research.

How can African tech startups survive their first year of operation?

How can African tech startups survive their first year of operation? Dr Ekenedilichukwu Gilbert Onwu

Worldwide, 90% of tech startups fail within a year. African tech startups fare even worse. However, there is a cluster of capabilities that is linked to better performance.


Yes, both human and chatbot coaches can help people to achieve their goals

By Dr Nicky Terblanche, Joanna Molyn, Erik de Haan, and Viktor Nilsson

Two groups received coaching for 10 months – one group by human coaches and the other by a chatbot coach. Did both groups achieve their goals?


Responsible sustainability management is not something you do on the side

By Prof Brian Ganson

Collaboration, careful listening and addressing stakeholder concerns in strategies and actions – this is how one organisation incorporated responsible sustainability management into its way of doing business.


Uganda: How social networks help to increase the adoption of mobile money technology

By Alfred Kechia Mukong and Dr Lwanga Elizabeth Nanziri

How do different sources of information (family, friends and media) available to individuals affect their decision to adopt mobile money technology?


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