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This is where you will find articles based on research undertaken by Stellenbosch Business School‘s faculty and students.

Five project management skills that leaders can use for business recovery

By Michelle Wolfswinkel and Prof Salomé van Coller-Peter

Here are five skills from the domain of project management that can help leaders to steer business recovery after a major crisis.


This is how mandatory audit firm rotation could impact the audit ecosystem in South Africa

By Prof Nicolene Wesson

This is how the envisaged mandatory audit firm rotation (MAFR) ruling could impact companies and auditing firms in the near future.


South Africa’s carbon tax rate: pressure on emitters is mounting

By Dr Lee-Ann Steenkamp

In South Africa, two policies are putting pressure on emitters to comply with carbon tax regulations. This is what you need to know.


Sub-Saharan Africa: Does development finance lead to equal growth in all economic sectors?

By Yazidu Ustarz and Dr Ashenafi Beyene Fanta

While attention has been given to the relationship between financial development and growth, little is known about the impact of financial development on sectoral growth.


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