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MPhil Development Finance

Specialise in development finance to help unlock Africa’s growth potential

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Why apply for our MPhil Development Finance?

Specialise in development finance – it is a scarce skill in Africa

Acquire an astute understanding of development finance and help to fill the enormous skills shortage in this area in African countries and beyond, with a strong focus on sustainable economic development.

Learn to shape finance policies and programmes

Learn how to articulate economic development needs and how to formulate, implement and evaluate appropriate policies and programmes to address these needs in Africa and other developing regions.

Equip yourself with skills for Africa’s future

You will be exposed to crucial skills such as sustainable economic development, small business finance, project finance, entrepreneurship and responsible leadership.

Study while you work

You can choose to do this two-year programme in blended learning format (combination of weekly classes online and one on-campus block) or modular format (three on-campus blocks spread over two years).


Choose from two flexible learning formats

At Stellenbosch Business School we put a strong premium on face-to-face interaction, regardless of whether you attend classes in person or virtually. Our MPhil Development Finance is offered in two convenient formats – Modular and Blended Learning. Both formats allow you to study while you work. The programme runs over two years and consists of a class programme and research assignment.


The Blended Learning MPhil DevFin starts with orientation and two evenings of virtual lectures at the start of Year 1. This is followed by a blended learning class once a week (4 hours in the evening), and a final on-campus block at the beginning of Year 2.  

Advantages: Study while you work with the flexibility of digital class attendance, which means minimum time away from work, and less travel and accommodation costs.

The Modular MPhil DevFin consists of 3 blocks of on-campus classes spread over 2 years. Each block runs for 2 weeks.  

Advantages: Study while you work with in-class experience and focused studies without interruption from work. Working with your classmates in a face-to-face environment adds another dimension to collaborative (peer-to-peer) learning and network building. You also only need to travel to the campus three times in two years.


The programme fees and application deadlines will be published on our website once the info is available.

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Academic qualifications

  • An appropriate Honours degree (first postgraduate degree after a Bachelor’s degree) OR
  • A 4-year Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, economics, accounting or commerce; OR
  • A 3-year Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate diploma (120 SAQA credits) from a university or a university of technology in business, finance, economics, accounting or commerce; OR
  • A postgraduate degree in any discipline and appropriate experience in the area of development economics and/or finance

Other requirements

  • Application fee
  • Highly recommended: At least two years of working experience
  • Certified copies of your academic records
  • Certified copies of your degree certificates
  • Copy of your ID/Passport
  • Copy of your CV
  • Verification consent form
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