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MPhil Leadership Coaching

Acquire the credentials to support the growth of others through coaching

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Why apply for our MPhil Leadership Coaching?

  • Establish your credentials as a coach: This MPhil Leadership Coaching programme – which is accredited by the Belgium-based EMCC and by South Africa’s COMENSA – provides you with the skills to establish your credentials as a leadership coach. This degree will give you the coaching credentials you need to grow the talent of others, transfer knowledge, build relationships, enhance performance, and facilitate cultural transformation.  
  • Develop your own signature presence and find your niche market: Explore various frameworks to develop a style of coaching that is authentic to you. You will also be able to do niche coaching by focusing on, among others, performance, team, leadership, or diversity coaching.
  • Become a values-driven leader through coaching: A firm grounding in the theory of coaching and a fit-for-purpose model are key outputs of the journey to become a coach. The programme has a strong ethics and responsibility underpinning. 
  • Operate in multicultural environments: The programme adheres to international best practice while taking into account the diversity, traditions and multicultural environments of South Africa and Africa.  This translates into international application with local specialisation
  • Generate an income quickly: This is a blended learning programme, which means you can study while you work. You can also start to generate an income from coaching almost immediately.

Programme structure

This 2-year programme is delivered through a combination of on-campus classes and blended learning classes. This allows you to study while you work with minimum time away from work. You also need to do formative assessments (like quizzes and case studies), essays and assignments, practical coaching, and a final research assignment.


Year 1: Lecture programme

Attend an on-campus class block at start of Year 1 (Orientation and Module 1) followed by blended learning (online) classes (10 weeks of once-a-week classes spread over the year). This phase covers coaching models, allowing you to discover your own particular framework for coaching. It also covers coaching practice, case studies and assignments.

Year 2: Professional assessment

This phase takes 1 week on campus at the beginning Year 2. Your coaching competence is assessed in terms of your ability to convey your personal coaching approach and style, and in terms of authentically displaying coaching skills that resonate with your own model.  

Year 2: Research and development

Complete your research assignment in year 2:  A research supervisor will guide you through the year-long research journey where you conduct an in-depth study of an aspect of leadership coaching.

Triad practice, supervision and coaching
Triad practice, supervision and coaching: You must complete 45 hours of coaching in each of the two years, and receive 20 hours of coaching in total. Please note that the coaching you receive is self-funded. Supervision days are virtual events.  
NB: Coaching practice is a key learning aspect of the programme. Students are therefore liable to pay for coaching received at approximately R800 to R1 000 per session depending on their choice of coach. We have a database of alumni who are available to coach you if you choose to use them. 


The programme fees and application deadlines will be published on our website once the info is available.

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Academic qualifications and other admission criteria

  • Academic qualifications: An honours degree, OR a four-year professional bachelor’s degree, OR a three-year bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate diploma. Candidates' previous academic qualifications should be at least on NQF Level 8. 
  • Work experience: A minimum of four years of work experience in the field of people management.
  • Psychometric testing: This may also be required. 
  • Two essays: Write two essays (see details below).

Write two essays

As part of your application pack, you need to submit two essays:

A motivational essay about your journey with coaching: How does your learning journey to date reflect your personal growth towards becoming a coach? How does this awareness motivate you to do the MPhil Leadership Coaching? How do you intend to cope with the high volume of learning hours, reading and coaching which you will be required to manage? What do you expect to gain from this learning journey?  Why should you be admitted to this programme?

A coaching research essay about coaching approaches: Do some searching on Google and write an essay describing and comparing any two of the following coaching approaches: solution-focused coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, and narrative coaching. Which one do you like best and why? The essay must be around 500 words. Please include references.

What if you don’t have the academic qualifications to apply?

You can still apply based on your management experience. You need to submit all the documentation and assessments as required for all prospective students, plus additional requirements in accordance with Recognition of Prior Learning.

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