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The Stellenbosch University Bellville Park Campus Library offers special services and privileges to all alumni of Stellenbosch University.

Our library welcomes you

“The University of Stellenbosch Business School alumni have different options to access information and resources needed to prepare for future studies.”

  • Henriette Swart, Director: Branch Libraries & Manager (USBL)

If you reside within 150km from the BPC or SU Campus, you have the following options available to you:


All libraries of the Library and Information Service are accessible free of charge to alumni subject to positive identification with a valid identification document (photo identification is essential). ​​See Library hours.

Borrowing privileges

Available to alumni who reside within a 150 km radius of BPC or SU Campus:

  • Verification will be done on alumni database
  • Proof of address is required
  • Membership fee: R100 for 3 months; R400 per annum
  • Number of loans: 3 items
  • Borrowing period: 14 days per item
  • Renewals: 2 per item (within maximum renewal period of 42 days) unless someone else has requested it. Renew online or enquire at the lending desk.
  • Returns: To any of the libraries of the Library and Information Service
  • Fines for overdue items: R1.00 per item per day
  • Fine limit: R30 (borrowing privileges will be suspended when this limit has been exceeded)
  • Reserving books currently on loan: Free and unlimited. Reserve online or enquire at the lending desk.
  • Material available to borrow: All item types where POLICY is indicated as “Unrestricted”
  • Lost/damaged books: Replacement value payable to the Library and Information Service

If you reside outside of the 150km radius, from either BPC or SU Campus, then you still have access to a vast amount of free online resources.


Electronic resources

Free self-help access is available to walk-in users only, in any of the libraries. Due to licensing agreements, access to some electronic resources is restricted to currently registered students and staff members of Stellenbosch University. There are, however, free e-resources available here.

Information services

Basic information services are provided to walk-in users. These include assistance to become self-sufficient in finding sources and information, in either printed or electronic format. Should assistance be required, please enquire at the lending desk of the Stellenbosch University Library or ask any staff member at the various branch libraries. For general enquiries concerning the Library’s collections and services, Ask a Librarian may be used.

Finding books, articles & other information resources

Walk-in users may visit the library homepage and type their search terms in the search box or choose E-databases or E-journals from the FIND menu. Guidelines are available at Find, access and use information effectively: a step by step guide. See Find information. Due to licensing agreements, access to some electronic resources are restricted to currently registered students and staff members of Stellenbosch University.

Internet & wireless access

No internet and wireless access is available to alumni in any of the libraries. Internet and wireless access is limited to Stellenbosch University staff and students registered on the University network.

Access to prospective Postgraduate Students

If you are planning to further your studies with a Master’s Degree or a PhD, please see the prospective postgraduate guide to view selected services. The first step to gain access, is to complete a recommendation form, signed by the supervisor of the prospective postgraduate student. The completed form must be handed in at the lending desk of the library. 

How to register as a prospective Postgraduate Student

In order to obtain off-campus access to the SU e-resources, prospective postgraduate students need to apply online to be enrolled as a network registered prospective postgraduate student at SU.

After network registration, you will have off-campus access to the USBL’s e-resources with your SU network username and password.

Follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Apply online to enrol as a prospective postgraduate student at Stellenbosch University. See Application fee.
    Note: This is not a complete registration as a postgraduate student at Stellenbosch University, but only an application for admission as a prospective postgraduate student at the University.
  2. Once your online application as a prospective postgraduate student is finalised by the University’s Admission Office, you will receive an e-mail providing you with your own SU username and temporary password.
    IMPORTANT: For any feedback on your online application process, please contact the SU Client Service Centre, tel: +27 21 8089111 or e-mail: [email protected].
  3. After receiving a temporary password, please change and create an own unique password at Password Selfhelp. Once your password has been changed, you should have off-campus access to the Library’s e-resources using your new password.
  4. For security reasons you need to change your password via Password Selfhelp every 90 days otherwise your e-access will automatically expire.

IMPORTANT: Your SU network username will only be valid until the end of March each year where after you will have to follow the online application process again. If your proposal is accepted, you will automatically be registered for electronic services as soon as you register as an SU postgraduate student (see Undergraduate & postgraduate students).


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