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Dr Nombeko Patience Mbava,
Dr Nombeko Patience Mbava

an MBA alumnus of Stellenbosch Business School and who also received her PhD in Public and Development Management from Stellenbosch University, is the brand ambassador of the Alumni Association Future Fund. This initiative aims to raise funds to support deserving prospective students at the business school.


Dr Mbava, who grew up in Gugulethu, says without the financial assistance, bursaries, and scholarship she received during the years, her education would not have been possible. “The Future Fund is close to my heart given its potential to broaden access and opportunity. Many deserving, high achievers would not have access to quality education without the generosity of donors who give the gift of education.


“I am proud to say that I am one of those who benefited from bursaries, financial assistance and scholarships to gain world-class education. Without the generous support of donors from all walks of life, I can honestly say my life trajectory could have been different,” she says.


She says that while basic education is critical in unlocking fundamental rights such as literacy, better health care, and political participation, higher education provides one with more choices.


“With a postgraduate qualification for Stellenbosch Business School, the graduate can achieve greater social mobility as better work opportunities bring more lucrative income, promoting opportunities to progress socially and economically,” she says.


“If more people achieve this level of social mobility the country’s economic development and quality of life rise. Higher education brings freedom, choices, and development. Therefore, everyone should strive to achieve higher education.”


Calling for responsible leadership


On responsible leadership, Dr Mbava says: “In the era of the spectacle of state capture and the attempted hollowing of state institutions, corporate reporting scandals, procurement irregularities in public entities, the question must be asked about the effectiveness of leadership, proper oversight and accountability.


“Given the myriad of social, economic and fiscal challenges confronting us, now more than ever acting and thinking responsibly in discharging our duties as leaders are critical.”


She adds that given the state of the post-Covid-19 global economy, “it is now imperative that we have to act responsibly in how we manage state institutions, be responsible and ethical concerning our stakeholders – be they shareholders, taxpayers and local communities.”


“Responsible leadership entails a duty to act ethically, with integrity and to exercise duty of care, accountability and proper stewardship over resources,” she says.



Dr Mbava says the pandemic has highlighted gaps in access to basic services and food for many people and has heightened imbalances and conflicts in society. “This has brought to the front the state’s duty to protect the poor and vulnerable and its obligation to widen the social safety net, that is responsible leadership since the state has a fundamental obligation on citizens’ basic rights as enshrined in the Constitution,” she says.


“Therefore, as leaders, we all have a moral duty to find solutions, lead with impact, and address the perennial social, economic, and fiscal challenges in South Africa. That is responsible leadership.”


The Alumni Association (AA) Future Fund


“My role is to use my influence, networks, stature and gravitas to support, advocate and fund-raise for deserving and disadvantaged students who wish to enrol for postgraduate study in a programme at the business school.”


The Alumni Association Future Fund was originally initiated by a group of MBA students of Class 1989 who donated their prize money for winning an international case study, to establish a bursary fund for the next generation.

In 2021, the Future Fund was established on the foundations of this initiative to raise funds to support deserving prospective students. The Future Fund will fund partial bursaries and provide financial assistance to deserving students who have been admitted from South Africa and internationally. The business school oversees and administers the fund in collaboration with the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association.


Dr Mbava says it is important to build the awareness, inspiration and enthusiasm with all alumni, current students, corporate partners, institutions, and friends of Stellenbosch Business School to encourage them to give any gift, regardless of the amount, to the Alumni Association Future Fund. “Every gift matters.”


Watch Dr Mbava’s Future Fund video


How to make your donation


You can donate to the Alumni Association Future Fund in any of the following convenient ways to make a one-off donation or a regular monthly contribution:

Your donation is tax-deductible, and you will receive a Section 18A certificate. Your annual donation is deductible up to 10% of your annual taxable income. If you are registered in a country outside South Africa, you might also be eligible for tax benefits.


The Alumni Association Future Fund is financially administered by Stellenbosch University.


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