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Shindambi Petrus Hamukwaya,
Shindambi Petrus

who completed his PGDip Leadership Development and MPhil Development Finance (MDevF) degrees at Stellenbosch Business School, is the Chairperson of the Alumni Association’s Namibia Chapter.

His career started as a freelancer in a small business in Namibia as he has a great passion for entrepreneurship. “This journey made much sense; hence I decided to go to the university to study business-related courses. After graduating, I was fortunate to start my professional work at the bank. The banking industry stimulated my desire to continue my journey as a businessman,” he says.

He then decided to pursue his studies at the business school. “The MDevF programme equipped me with appropriate skills and understanding that is now helping me design and shape development projects and policies that reflect African-driven solutions.”

He became involved with the Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association to reconnect with the rest of the alumni and create platforms that give back to the community. “This is done by creating shared value dialogues with the public to give access to business knowledge and lifelong learning.”

He says the Alumni Association allows him to network and share ideas and opportunities. “It allows me to interact with current students pursuing studies in various disciplines at the business school by providing guidance and other necessary student support.

“I also get to support the business school faculties and other university officials whenever they visit Namibia to engage in educational activities such as master classes, public lectures, and many other industry-related educational courses,” he adds.

The Namibia Chapter recently hosted a successful Thought Leadership event where the Namibian Minister of Finance, the Chairperson of the Namibia Statistics Agency and the Director of Stellenbosch Business School addressed the current Namibia economy and reimagining a better future for its youth.

“We are planning to host a joint event before the end of the year with some of the local and international organisations working in Namibia to deliberate on challenges facing the Namibian economy, youth opportunities, and education,” he says about plans alumni in this region can look forward to.


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