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The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) has developed a multitude of ways for students to keep learning and progressing through

these unprecedented times and will also now be offering all its academic programmes via the Blended Learning format from 2021.

What is Blended Learning?
Blended learning is another form of part-time learning that combines e-learning technology and methods with traditional classroom learning practices to create a hybrid way of learning. This means that students can choose to attend the class on campus or via any internet-linked device from anywhere in the world. The online option is delivered synchronously with the on-campus option.

Those who follow the classes via the Blended Learning format can also ask questions and interact with the class. Thus, whether a student are logging in from home just around the corner of the USB campus, or joining from another continent, they will still enjoy the high level of interaction with lecturers while acquiring the crucial business skills needed to lead responsibly in uncertain times.

Blended Learning at USB
USB has been investing in advanced technology and perfecting its methodologies since 2015 to ensure that its Blended Learning experience is cutting edge, personalised and that students get the best education possible – however they decide to learn.

“USB’s lecturers have been trained to deliver a world-class virtual learning experience and currently there are online learning conventions happening to ensure that the Blended Learning format provides an optimal experience for USB students,” says Prof Martin Butler, head of Teaching and Learning at the business school.

“Online classes have been designed by learning experts for delivery via various multimedia platforms. We are using technology to take the teaching and learning to the student,” he says. 

Benefits of Blended Learning
The Blended Learning experience at is immersive, inclusive and highly interactive. Advantages of this format include:

  • Study while you work, which means minimum time away from work.
  • Reduced travel cost because you can log in remotely from anywhere in the world; and
  • Apply learning immediately as students opting for programmes offered in blended learning format can immediately apply their newly acquired skills in their workplace.

Kyle Loff, a current student doing his MBA via blended learning, says the Blended Learning option of study caught his eye immediately, “and the benefits of limited time off from work appealed to me,” he says.

He adds: “Studying part-time takes its toll on you when you have a demanding job, and that’s where time management comes in. The Blended Learning format is convenient for those that want to build new skills and have minimal impact on their working and family life. I believe there’s more balance to it.”

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