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Thandi Boshoma, a career woman and MBA alum of the business school, is the author of Rise Up Against All Odds,

a practical self-improvement and inspirational book recently published. The book expresses a meaningful and systematic approach to facing and navigating adversity by using the same force of the adversity as a springboard to excel and prosper in life. Thandi refers to this as the BRAVE system, an acronym for Boldness, Resilience, Authenticity, Vision, and Enthusiasm.


We’ve asked Thandi a few questions regarding her MBA and career journey:

  • Why did you decide to do an MBA, and when did you graduate? I did an MBA to gain strategic knowledge to help me grow as a leader. I graduated in March 2015.
  • How would you say the business school helped you to get where you are today? Studying for an MBA has equipped me to take on leadership roles and confidently perform on a global stage. In addition, it has enabled me to think critically and apply systematic thinking in any situation.
  • Stellenbosch Business School has a strong focus on responsible leadership development. How would you define responsible leadership? We live in an era where leadership extends beyond hierarchies and the four walls of a business. Instead, responsible leadership is about realising a company’s interconnectedness by considering the impact of one’s decisions on stakeholders, the planet, the economy, and society.
  • What was the highlight of your leadership journey at the business school? My leadership journey has been transformative, from self-awareness to being a leader who influences and inspires change professionally and personally. During my last year of study, I experienced workplace bullying that ended in unfair dismissal. However, I harnessed the leadership learnings to succeed against the odds. The highlight was completing on time, despite the ups and downs I encountered along the journey.
  • What’s been the highlight of your career so far? Performing in a global role, spanning time zones and diverse cultures, and selected as a catalyst by demonstrating the ability to shape and drive change in the organisation.
  • What motivated you to write a self-improvement book? Having gone through adversities, I realised I could curse my past or use it to influence the change I want to see in the world. I chose the latter to touch, inspire, and energise people to rise above their adversities.
  • In your book, you write about the BRAVE system to overcome adversity. Can you please elaborate a bit more on these concepts? BRAVE stands for Boldness, Resilience, Authenticity, Vision, and Enthusiasm.

Boldness is about facing the headwinds of a challenge you encounter with sheer courage, not because you have physical strength but an indomitable will.

Resilience is using your inner power to fuel you to get up after a setback.

Authenticity is remaining true to yourself, who you are, what you stand for, what you don’t, and how you show up irrespective of your circumstances.

Vision is about creating the reality you want beyond your adversity.

Enthusiasm is about becoming excited about your vision and using the power of your thoughts and words to attract what you believe you can achieve deliberately.

BRAVE creates a positive energy that carries you through to the next opportunity of your life because adversities coexist with opportunities.


  • What are your plans for the future? In my quest to contribute to the world, I’m interested in doing a PhD in digital transformation. Any supervisor interested in the topic can reach out.

Order the book online at Rakuten Kobo


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