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Stellenbosch Business School has social impact embedded in its DNA.

Our mission is to develop responsible leaders who positively impact society, which should inform everything we do: our teaching and learning, research, and how we operate.  We recently clarified our Social Impact vision and impact goals in our Social Impact Map that stated specific outcomes for what we aim to accomplish. We are currently focused on assessing if we are achieving what we hope to. Our stakeholders—including alumni—and accreditation bodies hold us accountable to producing results and a rigorous level of reporting, but we aim to provide accessible reporting specifically focused on the social impact of the business school. We welcome you to join us on this journey.


Social Impact Partner Spotlight: Goldilocks and Bear


Stellenbosch Business School Social Impact supports impact-focused organisations with financial, technical, and volunteer support. We are proud to highlight a long-term partner, Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation [https://gb4adhd.co.za/].  Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation provides free screening services in underprivileged communities for the early identification of children with ADHD, other mental health disorders and learning difficulties. The need is huge: approximately 1 in 6 children will live with a mental health condition at any given time in South Africa. Of these, only 25% will receive the necessary treatment. Join us in providing essential early intervention for kids who otherwise do not have access to these screenings.


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