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Prof Anita Bosch, Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour & Leadership and Research Chair for Women at Work,

recently received a special award from the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), for her outstanding contribution to the Human Resources (HR) profession in South Africa.

Mr Xolani Mawande, CEO of the The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), recently awarded Prof Bosch for her impactful efforts towards the HR. As the Research Chair for Women at Work, her research was influential in ensuring the success of the SABPP’s HR Professional Practice Standard on Employment Equity and Diversity in practice.

Prof Bosch is a role model for young women embarking on HR and business careers; thereby contributing to the development of talent pipelines in both the private and public sectors,” says Mr Mawande.

Serving as a dynamic leader in the HR profession over many years, including the role of an SABPP board member, Prof Bosch’s vision to form the HR Research Initiative (HRRI) resulted in a stream of SABPP publications, and eventually culminated in the establishment of a full-time research and innovation office at SABPP.

“I’m honoured to have been recognised by the professional board for efforts to contribute to the people profession,” says Prof Bosch in response to receiving the award.

None of the work would have been possible without the encouragement and support of others. My thoughts turn to my younger-self and, I now know that, not even a lack of resources can stop hard work and dedication.

Prof Bosch has published numerous public reports, articles, and book chapters on diversity and women’s issues, and has now compiled nine consecutive annual Women in the Workplace reports for the HR and business community. Her work has inspired SABPP to launch employment equity and diversity awards, including an annual award on women empowerment at work.

“Learning from her example, SABPP is proud of our rich history of transforming the HR profession to such an extent that the majority of HR professionals are women today,” says Mr Mawande. “We thank Prof Bosch for her pioneering and leadership work in the area of diversity management, employment equity and human capital management.”


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