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Dr Rikus Grobler, Business School alum, drives innovation through the Capricorn Foundation in Namibia.

Dr Rikus Grobler, an alumnus of Stellenbosch Business School (PhD: 2018 and MBA: 2009) and Manager: Innovation at the Capricorn Group in Namibia, is the driver behind the Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge (FWC), which recently launched its second phase after being well-received last year.

In 2022, Namibia was ranked 78th out of 116 countries on the Global Hunger Index and it has become an all-familiar sight in Namibia to see people scavenge for food at dumpsites across the country or begging for food on street corners.

Through their open innovation platform, the Capricorn Foundation launched the first challenge in 2022 to seek solutions to reduce food waste effectively through which disregarded food that is still fit for human consumption can reach more vulnerable people. Phase 2 of the challenge will focus on how Social Entrepreneurship can contribute to addressing the challenge of food waste and how employment opportunities can be created in the process. This year’s challenge title is: How can we use Social Entrepreneurship to reduce Food Waste radically while creating employment opportunities?

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