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Dr Nanziri
Stellenbosch Business School's PGDip in Development Finance: Unlock potential, bridge skills gaps, drive Africa's growth!

A fresh perspective on South Africa’s financing development to help fill the skills shortage through the Post-Grad Diploma in Development Finance at Stellenbosch Business School.

At the heart of South Africa's thriving and sophisticated financial sector, a remarkable opportunity awaits those ready to take charge, lead, and drive Africa's development. The Stellenbosch Business School (SBS) offers the Post Graduate Diploma in Development Finance (PGDip), a pivotal program that unlocks the doors to a brighter, more prosperous future for both the individuals and the continent as a whole. 

"Development finance is an interplay between two fundamental components: private and public finance," says Dr Lwanga Elizabeth Nanziri, Head of the PGDip Development Finance program. "Public projects encompass high-risk, low-cost-recovery ventures, akin to developmental initiatives such as housing for the masses and critical government infrastructure projects like water treatment plants. On the other hand, private financing focuses on low-risk, high-cost recovery initiatives. What sets the PGDip Development Finance program apart is its ability to provide development finance expertise that supports and fosters growth within these sectors."

Tailored for Ambitious Professionals

The PGDip program welcomes a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, IT specialists, software developers, accountants, lawyers, and project analysts. While some work experience is preferred, recent graduates looking to enhance their academic profiles are also encouraged to apply. The program caters to three distinct categories of professionals: those in the financial services industry (banks or other corporates); public institutions and private business owners/entrepreneurs.

"The PGDip Development Finance is the gateway to unlocking your potential to help in the design and implementation of African-driven solutions," Dr Nanziri emphasises. "Whether you're just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in the field of development finance."

Empowering Government Officials

The call to action extends to government officials at all levels. By enrolling in the PGDip Development Finance program, they gain access to comprehensive knowledge and expertise in private-public partnerships (PPPs), project and infrastructure financing. This knowledge empowers government officials, ministers, key policymakers, diplomats, and other key figures to maximise projects across sectors such as social development, public infrastructure, utilities, and municipal services.

Closing the Skills Gap

Private and public sectors often require different skill sets. The PGDip in Development Finance addresses this gap by offering specialised modules, including a highly beneficial project finance module. Understanding the intricacies of PPPs and blended financing for developmental projects is crucial, especially where the partnerships aim to build, operate, own or transfer assets to the government for management and maintenance, ensuring project efficacy. Moreover, the scarcity of development funding requires a thorough skills-set that will guarantee the effective use of such resources for sustainable development in developing and emerging economies.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

At SBS, students have the privilege of learning from industry leaders and experts. Guest lecturers, often captains of industry, contribute their vast experience to enrich the curriculum. Topics covered include understanding the world, project appraisals, responsible leadership, financial analysis, monitoring & evaluation and risk management in development projects,  and financing public sector projects. Armed with such comprehensive knowledge, our graduates a set to become effective ambassadors of sustainable development.

Flexible Learning for the Modern Professional

The PGDip Development Finance offers flexibility, allowing students to complete it within one or two years, with four terms, each lasting about two weeks. This innovative approach to learning blends online and in-person classes at the Bellville campus, accommodating the busy schedules of working professionals.

A New Era of Development Finance

The PGDip Development Finance at Stellenbosch Business School offers a fresh perspective on financing development. It aims to bridge the skills gap and empower professionals from various backgrounds to contribute to the growth and prosperity of South Africa and the African continent as a whole.

Unlock your potential with the Stellenbosch Business School's PGDip in Development Finance. Join us on a journey to create lasting change and be at the forefront of Africa's development transformation.


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