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Shaun Taite
Shaun Tait's MBA journey at Stellenbosch Business School: Leadership evolution, societal impact, and transformative education.

Shaping Leadership Excellence Through the Lens of an MBA-Student

In the pursuit of educational excellence, Shaun Tait, Director of Operations at Westville Boys’ High School in Durban, has paved a way for himself marked by resilience and strategic foresight. With a B. Com Marketing Degree and a Postgrad Diploma in Strategic Leadership from Stellenbosch Business School (SBS), he is currently navigating the final stretch of his MBA journey. 

We caught up with him and delved into his transformative experience at Stellenbosch Business School and the profound impact it has had on his professional career.

Unveiling the Path to Leadership

His journey unfolded from a B. Com Marketing background into a remarkable 13-year stint in the development space, culminating in his role as CEO of a major NPO in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). His career path took him into the Education sector reflecting a commitment to bridging leadership gaps and fostering excellence. 
The MBA journey propelled Shaun through roles, from CEO of The Domino Foundation to Director of Operations at a public high school. He emphasized the unique bridge Stellenbosch Business School provided between Leadership and Management.

"I pursued my PGDip at Stellenbosch Busines School to develop my leadership skills and professionalise the NPO sector," Tait said. "The MBA allowed me to fast-track this process. The programme's emphasis on experiential learning and case studies honed my problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills.

"Networking played a major role during job transitions, underscoring the importance of diverse cohorts and industry connections. Engaging with a diversity of individuals, industry experts, and alumni broadened my professional connections and provided valuable insights into different sectors."

Choosing Stellenbosch Business School

Shaun's decision to pursue the MBA at Stellenbosch Business School was rooted in a positive PGDip experience during the challenging times of COVID-19. For Tait, the Stellenbosch Business School MBA went beyond traditional business education. 

He continued: "The concept of ME, WE, WORK, and WORLD, woven into Responsible Leadership, became a guiding principle. Reflective learning and journaling increased my social intelligence and authenticity as a leader. Understanding their [Stellenbosch Business School] rankings, triple accreditation, international recognition, leadership focus, and a blend of in-person and online sessions, Stellies was the natural fit."

The MBA provided me with a robust foundation in business fundamentals. Rigorous coursework, coupled with a focus on experiential learning, enhanced my ability to navigate the complexities of the business landscape."

Navigating MBA Life

His day-to-day life as an MBA student reflected meticulous planning and dedication. Cohort meetings, gym sessions, and strategic reading routines formed the backbone of his study routine. The support network, including faculty, classmates, and online platforms, ensured a collaborative learning experience.

"The Business school supported me through extra tutorials, library access to global sources, and networking opportunities. Alumni events, international exchanges, and Global Business Challenges enriched my overall MBA experience." 

Aspirations Post-MBA and Encouragement for Future MBA Candidates:

Tait envisions leveraging his MBA knowledge for societal impact. "I plan to continue applying it and aspire to work for the UN," he proudly stated. 

His advice for prospective MBA candidates is straightforward: "Just do it! If you know you have support, you are golden. Yes, I acknowledge that there are and will be challenges, especially for those with families, but I want to emphasise the impactful power the MBA journey has had on me, professionally and personally."

Shaun Tait's story at Stellenbosch Business School is a testament to the intersection of leadership, education, and societal impact. His journey reflects the profound impact of a strategic MBA pursuit at Stellenbosch Business School.


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