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Isabel Wolf-Gillespie
Explore Isabel Wolf-Gillespie's inspiring journey—2021's Top MPhil Management Coaching graduate at Stellenbosch Business School.

Trailblazing with Purpose - The 2021 Top MPhil Management Coaching Graduate's Journey

In the diverse landscape of the Stellenbosch Business School, stories of passion, purpose, and exceptional achievement come to life. One such a story is that of Isabel Wolf-Gillespie, recognised as the Top MPhil Management Coaching student in 2021. 

Before embarking on her MPhil Management Coaching adventure, her journey began in the medical field with a degree in nursing. The shift from healthcare to management coaching might seem like an unconventional leap, but for Wolf-Gillespie, it was a decision rooted in a desire for purposeful living and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

On a personal note, Isabel's hobbies provide insight into the vibrant spirit that fuels her success. "I love sport! I run most days of the week, practice yoga, and am a horse girl too. I adore adventures, traveling, and music, and I firmly believe that life is too short for a bad cup of coffee."

Adding a touch of uniqueness, Isabel shares a little-known fact about herself: "What most people would not know about me is that I am a little bit of a pyromaniac (not like setting buildings on fire!). I am absolutely fascinated by a wood fire and will constantly rearrange the wood, put on new logs, or just poke around the fire."

"My dreams are to be affiliated and collaborate with a global organisation that provides a platform for me to make a large-scale impact on sustainability, community equality and development, and responsible leadership development," she said.

Her current professional portfolio is as diverse as it is impactful. Managing two eco-tourism ventures, one with horses and another in the wilderness of Botswana, Wolf-Gillespie wears many hats. From facilitating personal development and leadership workshops to coaching individuals and engaging in voluntary activities in remote Botswana villages, her work reflects a holistic approach to sustainable development and community empowerment.

Stationed in Limpopo, with frequent travels to Botswana, Wolf-Gillespie's work is a testament to her commitment to the growth and development of Africa. Her perspective on the continent's potential is crystal clear.

"Every business on this earth is built on the availability of natural resources," she emphasises. 

"There can be nothing more important in our endeavour to develop the continent than to ensure that these resources are sustainably harvested and replenished. I truly believe in the ripple effect of impacting on the individual; I believe that each human being has the responsibility to positively influence every person that one interacts with and meets."

Wolf-Gillespie's journey is a beacon of inspiration for potential students considering the path of management coaching. Through her diverse experiences and commitment to sustainability, she exemplifies the values and impact that the Stellenbosch Business School strives to instil in its graduates. As Isabel Wolf-Gillespie encourages, "Don't give up! If it is what you want, go and get it with both hands and heart wide open."


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