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Explore Judith Mtsewu's leadership journey at Stellenbosch Business School—insights, growth, and wisdom for aspiring leaders

Nurturing Leadership in NPOs: A Journey with Judith Mtsewu at Stellenbosch Business School

In the world of academia and professional development, Judith Mtsewu stands as a testament to the power of continuous learning and self-improvement. As an adult learner who has navigated the complexities of a full-time career while pursuing a postgraduate diploma in the Leadership Programme, focusing on Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) at Stellenbosch Business School, Judith's journey is both inspiring and enlightening.

A Glimpse into Judith's Background

"My name is Judith Mtsewu," she begins, "I have worked across different sectors, including academia and local government, but my chosen professional path lies within the social sector and civil society." Currently, Judith serves as the Deputy Director for Human Resources and Organisational Development in a regional women's rights organisation. Her responsibilities encompass leading in people matters, overseeing organisational operations, ensuring compliance and governance, and driving organisational development processes.

The Evolution of a Leader

The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Programme at Stellenbosch Business School has played a pivotal role in Judith's professional evolution. "The biggest impact of this course was on my leadership journey," she reflects, "it enhanced my self-awareness as a leader, deepened my insights about leadership and followership, and introduced me to new leadership tools to apply in my professional role."

Choosing Stellenbosch: A Wise Decision

When asked about her choice of Stellenbosch University's Business School, Judith highlights the unique approach of the program. "I chose Stellenbosch University's Business School because of how they framed the course. Their emphasis on self-awareness resonated with me," she explains. Furthermore, the academic reputation of Stellenbosch University and the diverse, cross-sector approach of the course appealed to her.

Impact on Personal and Professional Growth

The program's emphasis on self-awareness, coupled with reflective practices, has had a profound impact on Judith's life. "The course enhanced my self-awareness in both personal and professional spheres," she says, "and gave me practical tools to navigate the often-complex leadership journey."

A Multifaceted Learning Experience

Through her journey at Stellenbosch Business School, Judith encountered various standout experiences. The inclusion of meditation and reflection segments during study blocks provided invaluable coping mechanisms during the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. The support of the course coordinator, who was a successful program alumna, was another source of strength. The diverse composition of the student cohort, spanning corporate and social sectors, enriched the learning experience. Additionally, Judith was introduced to new leadership concepts, such as followership, the VUCA world, people excellence, and leadership and brain science.

A Day in the Life of a Stellenbosch Student

Given the circumstances of the pandemic, the program was predominantly online, with one in-person block on campus. Student-peer connections became a vital part of the experience, fostering collaboration and support among peers.

Support from Stellenbosch Business School

Stellenbosch Business School's resources and faculty played a crucial role in Judith's academic and career journey. The program featured local and international faculty members, opportunities to engage with the authors of prescribed textbooks, and the valuable insights of practitioners from the field. The diversity of the student cohort further enriched the learning experience.

Aspirations Beyond Graduation

As Judith continues her academic journey, she is already applying the knowledge and skills gained in her professional life. The program encouraged students to integrate classroom learning with their work. "This course has made me bolder in my leadership role and has increased my confidence," Judith says, emphasising the rippling effect, her development has had on her team and organisation. Through the course's reflective exercises, she has been able to articulate a concrete vision for her professional future, based on her growth during the course.

Words of Encouragement

For prospective Stellenbosch Business School candidates, Judith offers sage advice: "If you are looking to invest in yourself, then this is the course for you. It is worth both the time and financial investment. If you are ready to truly introspect about and elevate your leadership journey, then this course will enable you to do that."


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