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Shanaaz Hendricks
Shahnaaz Hendricks: Transforming Business Analysis with Future Studies at Stellenbosch Business School.

Shahnaaz Hendricks: Pioneering Future Studies and Tech Adventures at Stellenbosch Business School

Meet Shahnaaz Hendricks, a 15-year veteran in the world of business, leading the charge as a Business Analyst at an Asset Management Company. But beyond the corporate hustle, Shahnaaz is a spirited learner navigating the twists and turns of education at Stellenbosch Business School, where she dove into a Postgrad in Future Studies Managing New Technologies.

Shahnaaz's journey to Stellenbosch Business School wasn't a straight line; it meandered from Actuarial Science to BCom Informatics, a quest to align her work with her passions. Her fascination with futurism kicked up a notch with an online course at Stellenbosch Business School, setting the stage for her deep dive into the Postgrad programme.

"I'm all about solving today's puzzles and gearing up for tomorrow," she shares, reflecting on why she joined the programme. It is this forward-looking attitude that sets her apart, infusing a strategic edge into her role as a Business Analysis maestro.

In her daily grind as a Manager of Business Analysis, Shahnaaz does not just manage tasks; she fosters a culture of innovation. It is not merely about tackling today's challenges but about building a team that dances seamlessly between current hurdles and the uncharted territories of future trends.

Beyond the classroom, Shahnaaz is all about connections. "The course cracked open my thinking, making me embrace the chaos of uncertainty and complexity as a catalyst for collaboration," she says, highlighting the camaraderie she has built with fellow students and lecturers.

Looking ahead, Shahnaaz is gearing up to mark her mark in the world of business analysis. Her short-term plan involves fine-tuning her futurism skills, weaving them into the fabric of business analysis. Long-term, she envisions a career shift towards steering organisations through strategy and transformation, with a soft spot for nurturing emerging talent in the field.

As for Shahnaaz, she is not just the analytical whiz; she is the puzzle enthusiast, Lego builder, and 3D miniature dollhouse creator. When she has some downtime, you will find her bonding with her daughter over Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch, where virtual islands become the backdrop for family fun.

In the dynamic world of business and tech, Shahnaaz Hendricks is not just a professional; she is a pioneer, proving that the best leaders are the ones who never stop learning. Stellenbosch Business School is not just a place of education; it is a playground where passion meets strategy, and Shahnaaz is right at home.


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