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Michel Kavondo's journey from Congo to leadership in South Africa highlights education's impact.

Empowering Futures Through Leadership and Empathy

In the vast tapestry of life, there are individuals whose journey epitomises resilience, determination, and a profound commitment to making a difference. 

Michel Kavondo, Leadership Development Post-Graduate Diploma at Stellenbosch Business School graduate, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and now residing in South Africa, is one such inspirational figure. His story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the relentless pursuit of empowerment for himself and his community.

The Post-Graduate Diploma is designed to foster sustainability, personal growth, and leadership at multiple levels, and has had an enormous impact on Michel’s development journey as a leader. 

Michel's path to success has been a remarkable one. Growing up in the Congo, his aspirations initially led him towards a medical career. However, financial constraints interrupted his studies, and he transitioned through various job roles, from teaching to pharmaceutical sales, all while striving to pursue his education.

His move to South Africa in 2012 was not devoid of challenges. Adapting to a new language and environment posed formidable hurdles, but Michel's unwavering determination and resilience steered him through these difficulties. Despite initial setbacks due to language barriers, he dedicated himself to mastering English, recognising it as a gateway to pursuing his dreams and led him to become involved in a local church community. 

Michel delved into entrepreneurship, establishing successful ventures in the fragrance distribution business while simultaneously immersing himself in community development initiatives. His involvement in an NPO aimed at assisting the homeless and disadvantaged showcased his innate passion for uplifting others.

In 2021, Michel embarked on a new chapter, enrolling in the Leadership Development Post-Graduate Diploma at Stellenbosch Business School. The program served as a catalyst, elevating his leadership capabilities and instilling in the values of responsibility, empathy, and a strategic vision.

"The program is powerful and transformative," Michel said. "It reshaped my perspective on leadership, emphasising empathy and accountability as crucial facets of responsible leadership."

His learnings from the program did not confine themselves to theoretical knowledge but strengthened his entrepreneurial ventures and community initiatives. Michelle's vision extends beyond personal success, as in addition to his expanding fragrance distribution business, he has started a church and is currently working towards establishing an NPO focusing on children's mental health, educational empowerment, entrepreneurship, and nurturing young scientists. His central theme – to serve and empower the community. 

His days are testament to discipline and dedication. Early mornings commence with planning and exercise, followed by immersive engagement with leadership and religious podcasts, setting the tone for the day's endeavours. Michel's unwavering commitment to growth, both personal and communal, is evident in his structured routine and unyielding passion.

Michel’s journey embodies the essence of resilience, perseverance, and dedication to the betterment of society through responsible leadership, the transformative power of positive change and community upliftment. 


Join Michel and thousands of others in their journey toward becoming impactful leaders. The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development is designed to empower current and future leaders in the areas of individual, team, organisational, and societal leadership.   

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