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Alumna Sibongile Sapula shares her journey as a Project Manager, and the impact the PGDip Leadership Development has had on her life.

Alumna Sibongile Sapula shares her transformative journey as a Project Manager and the impact of her PGDip Leadership Development on her personal and professional life. She provides insights into her decision to choose this institution, her passion for leadership development, and the challenges she overcame during her studies.


Choosing Stellenbosch Business School: A Personal Connection

A familial connection and a desire for academic excellence influenced Sibongile Sapula's decision to pursue her postgraduate studies at Stellenbosch Business School. Her brother, also an alumnus of Stellenbosch University (SU), had spoken highly of his experience at the Business School, emphasising its quality and standards. Initially hesitant due to misconceptions about the institution being exclusively Afrikaans, she conducted thorough research, discovering its top-ranking status among South African business schools. After professional and academic development, she ultimately chose Stellenbosch Business School over other options, finding that it aligned perfectly with her aspirations.


Passion for Leadership Development: Choosing the PGDip in Leadership Development

Her journey into leadership development was fueled by a passion to enhance her own leadership competencies and contribute to the development of others. Coming from a background in the Construction Engineering Industry, she recognised the importance of emotional intelligence in an industry where it was often overlooked. The PGDip provided her with a holistic approach to leadership, aligning with her values of humility and service.


Leading a global case study: A transformative experience

As a group leader, Sibongile took on the challenge of leading a global case study, initially feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities. However, this experience turned out to be a pivotal moment, benefiting her organisation and leading to her promotion to Programme Engineer within the organisation. "The real-world application of knowledge gained at the Business School resulted in valuable recommendations for the organisation, with many already implemented to improve performance," she explains. 


Defining responsible leadership

Stellenbosch Business School places a strong emphasis on responsible leadership development. She defines responsible leadership as a selfless commitment to serving others. "Authentic leadership involves creating a positive and enriching human experience, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and focusing on enabling others to realise their potential," she says. 


Highlights of the SBS experience

Sibongile highlights the school's personalised approach and genuine interest in her individual development. She says: "Despite the challenging programme, the Business School provided a supportive learning environment, fostering a sense of belonging." She emphasises the institution's passion for developing responsible leaders, making her journey with SBS remarkable.


Overcoming challenges: Balancing work, family and studies

Balancing work, family, and studies was her most significant challenge. "The demands of the PGDip required substantial time and attention, necessitating open communication with my family to establish a supportive schedule. My supportive family structure played a crucial role in overcoming these challenges," she says. 

Sibongile's journey at Stellenbosch Business School serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders. Her commitment to personal and professional growth and the transformative experience at SBS highlights the institution's dedication to developing responsible and authentic leaders.


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