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Natasha Moshodi
Natasha Moshodi-Mzongwana, our Postgraduate Diploma Leadership Development alumna, shares the transformative journey she embarked on.

“I sense, can almost taste, the tremors, or could it perhaps be seismic changes about to erupt as we separately and together dismantle, then mould, restore, rewrite, and build society, each differently.”

These are the thoughts that Natasha Moshodi-Mzongwana jotted down on the first day of class when the new group of Leadership Development students was asked what they hope the year and the programme will bring.

She outlined her desire for world-class education, a human-centric approach to learning, and the opportunity to contribute to societal development. Stellenbosch Business School, known for its excellence and global ranking, became her institution of choice due to its proximity, progressive courses, and overall commitment to societal redesign.

Natasha's motivation stemmed from a deep-seated belief in the power of individuals to effect positive change. Quoting Laurie Beth Jones, she shared her aspiration to be a "turnaround specialist," always seeking ways to improve and elevate her surroundings.

The decision to pursue the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development was rooted in Natasha's pursuit of self-discovery, aiming to enhance her skills for maximum impact, particularly in the public sector where resources are scarce. The programme, promising a deep conceptualisation of leadership, critical thinking, and collaboration, aligned perfectly with her goals.

A pivotal moment in her journey was her participation in a global case study, delving into the operations of a private, international company. “The experience gave me insights into leadership techniques, team dynamics, negotiations, and the importance of boundary setting,” she says.

Furthermore, she improved her communication skills, developed a heightened self-awareness, and embraced the servant leader role. On leadership, she says: “Responsible leadership for me has always been, ethical, empathetic, has integrity, has vision, and is focused on others. Being an African and a woman as well as an advocate for authenticity, the programme cemented the ideals I have about this continent, its people and leadership.”

Leadership for her is personal mastery, being authentic and living out African values. “It can never be a success unless we take people along with us - building a legacy of goodwill where all share the good fortune and wellness at the table.

“African values and beliefs have been disregarded and derided for a very long time, viewed as unappealing and refuted at every turn, but the tide is turning. Audible voices that provoke and promote the gems clothed in African leadership and wisdom are increasing in frequency. Ubuntu, as a principle, encapsulates accountability, integrity, empathy, generosity, and so much more. And with the everchanging world, leadership needs to develop and evolve,” Natasha adds.

Her commitment was put to the test as she navigated the challenges of balancing work, studies, and personal commitments. Despite facing physical and mental health challenges, family discord, and the overwhelming demands of the course, Natasha found solace in her Leadership Council, affectionately known as the "Jinjars." This close-knit group of peers provided unwavering support, transforming what seemed chaotic and impossible into a manageable journey.

In reflecting on her experience, Natasha acknowledges the programme’s role in illuminating the impact of her actions on her organisation. “It fortified my beliefs in responsible leadership, allowing me to explore and express my unique leadership style,” she says. The practical application of learned theories during the global case study and in her daily work interactions underscored the programme's effectiveness.

Natasha emphasises that the PGDip in Leadership Development is not only beneficial for personal transformation but also instrumental in fostering positive changes in work environments. “My journey exemplifies the programme's capacity to empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to the thriving of both public and private sector organisations.”

As Natasha emerges from the programme, she stands as a testament to the Business School’s commitment to nurturing leaders who are not only adept in their skills but also compassionate and dedicated to making a difference in the world.


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