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Kevin Mutete
The Alumni Association Zimbabwe Chapter, under the guidance of Prof Charles Adjasi, is preparing a pivotal paper.

The Alumni Association Zimbabwe Chapter, under the guidance of Prof Charles Adjasi from Stellenbosch Business School, is preparing a pivotal paper on "Building Nations: Effectiveness of Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development," due in March.

Kevin Mutete, Chair of the Alumni Association Zimbabwe Chapter and MBA student who received the ZIM-CEO 2023 award for outstanding achievements, sheds light on the topic. "African nations are often at the periphery of infrastructural development. Unfortunately, the lack thereof usually leads to low economic growth and low economic development of a nation."

He emphasises the critical role of infrastructure in fostering economic growth and development in African nations. He stresses that infrastructure development is not solely about economic growth but also encompasses human capital development, including education and healthcare.

Highlighting the financing challenge for infrastructure projects, Mutete points out the limitations of relying solely on government funding, citing resistance to tax collections. He advocates for public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a practical approach. He explains that PPPs leverage both sectors' expertise and resources, ensuring efficient project implementation and sustainable financing with long-term benefits for the public.

To delve deeper into the means and effectiveness of PPPs in Africa, the Stellenbosch Business School, through its Zimbabwe Alumni Chapter, organised a Thought Leadership event in November in Harare. The event aimed to facilitate honest discussions on the strengths, weaknesses, and suitability of PPPs in Zimbabwe and across the continent.


Meet the new Zimbabwe Chapter Committee

The following people has been selected to serve on the Alumni Association Zimbabwe Chapter:

  • Clifford Mtemeri
  • Eng. Kevin Mutete
  • Daylord Mutamuko
  • Perpetua Mpanwa-Chimeura
  • Tonderai Mazingaizo


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