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Building small-business skills with corporate and public-sector support

The USB SBA undertakes and commissions research on all aspects of small-business development and on the impact of the SBA Development Programme. This helps the SBA to understand the challenges, success factors, financing needs and support structures of small businesses in these environments. This research includes:

A number of PhD and Master’s students at USB are undertaking research to evaluate the impact of the SBA Development Programme on the participants and their businesses. They also do research on the longer term effects of the programme on the economy in the areas involved in the SBA DP.

The formal business sector, international corporates and government entities often request research on small-business development topics. These topics are made available to MBA and MPhil students at USB to complete as part of their research projects. Feedback is incorporated into the wider body of knowledge at USB as African-based solutions, research and case studies.

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