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The Centre on Conflict and Collaboration is a hub for research and reflection at the nexus of private sector development, conflict, and human security. CCC engages with private sector actors, human rights defenders, community advocates, civil society organisations, governments, international actors, and others to reduce destructive conflict and improve collaborative potential.

The Centre’s research focuses on private sector development in conflict affected contexts, including questions of management and leadership; risk assessment and risk management; international policy; accountability, and the role of neutrals.

The Centre is part of the Business & Conflict Research Initiative (BCRI), an international consortium applying the tools of data science to increase understanding of conflict dynamics and conflict risk mitigation with respect to private sector development.

The Centre is also a Qualifying Assessment Programme of the International Mediation Institute, able to qualify mediators for IMI Certification.

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For more information on services related to conflict analysis, risk assessment,
or conflict resolution and transformation, contact:

Prof Brian Ganson

+27 (0)21 918 4287

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