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Six industries with a high demand for project managers
Understanding the business management of projects is a scarce skill in a world that needs urgent rebuilding.

Understanding the business management of projects is a scarce skill in a world that needs urgent rebuilding. Project managers are responsible for the planning and implementation of a project, irrespective of industry and thus they play an essential role in helping an organisation achieve their business objectives.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) states that the demand for project management skills continue to grow as the global economy becomes more project-oriented within industries that were traditionally less project-orientated, such as IT management, health care management, financial services and research. The role of the project manager is also vital as organisations increasingly depend on technologies and the projects needed to support them.

Job opportunities in project management
Project managers manage both technical details as well as people matters. They obtain project resources, motivate teams, have a vision and need to communicate well and keep close contact with all stakeholders. That’s why it is no surprise that more and more companies realise the importance of project managers.

If you want to study project management, here are five industries where project managers are high in demand.

  • Engineering, Mining and Construction

Building projects need superior planning, managing a fixed scope over a long period, procurement and people management. Project managers have the ability to manage these projects confidently because they have both project management skills and business management skills. 

  • Communication and Marketing: 

Project managers lead interdisciplinary teams in executing plans designed to meet the strategic goals of an organisation. They are responsible for turning the strategic vision of a marketing department into reality.

  • Financial Services and Insurance: 

The financial industry serves as the economic engine of much of the developing and developed world. It’s also considered one of the most regulated industries and therefore project managers are always in great demand for businesses in this field.

  • Transport and Logistics: 

Logistics is a big component of any business and a project manager becomes crucial in planning, managing and organising the movement of goods in the supply chain. They should have good interpersonal and organisational skills as it requires frequent contact with many stakeholders such as suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers.

  • Public Sector and NGOs: 

Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) carry out their actions through projects related to their institutional mission. Project managers have the ability to contribute to the empowerment of the workforce and improve projects’ performance.

  • Information and Communications Technology:

Job openings due to development in the ICT sector shows no signs of slowing down. The range of work in this field is wide and project managers help organisations learn and develop skills to run ICT projects successfully.

How do I get into project management?
Companies are looking for professionals who are proficient in both project management fundamentals and key business disciplines such as strategy, operations, finance, and marketing.

Project management courses are offered by various institutions but the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management offered by the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) is the only qualification of its kind delivered by a business school in South Africa. From 2021 an MBA in Project Management (MBA PM) will also be presented by Stellenbosch Business School.

If you are interested in updating your project management skillset or looking for a career change, apply for your postgraduate studies in project management at Stellenbosch Business School today.

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