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Responsible leadership development is ingrained into Stellenbosch Business School’s mission. This know-how will enable students to understand their role as responsible leaders when they go back to society, and to hold themselves, their teams and their companies to a higher standard as custodians of society’s institutions and organisations.

Research Centres

 SBA Alumni Mentors

Centre For Responsible Leadership Studies

The Centre for Responsible Leadership Studies (Africa) (CRLS) promotes knowledge of responsible leadership in order to enhance leadership for sustainable organisational and institutional effectiveness, especially in Africa. 


Faculty Research

Smit, A. & Bam, A.

Reimagining responsible leadership through experiential learning

Booysen L

Responsible inclusive leadership: A whole system collective process outcome

Ben-David I, Kleimeier-Ros S, Viehs M

Research: When environmental regulations are tighter at home, companies emit more abroad

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